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EvaRosa Ice Cream

Ice Cream Catering
ArtisanAL / Natural / Fresh



Our ice cream story began after many failed attempts to find good quality Nieve de Garrafa in California or simply an ice cream without a lot of preservatives. Most of the ice cream we found, even though it was freshly made, it had a lot of preservatives that we wanted to avoid. The search was over when we decided to make our own. After many hours of research, and a lot of practice, we finally mastered EvaRosa ice cream by creating our own recipe.  At the time, it was just a personal quest for great tasting ice cream with zero guilt, but after tasting our creation, several friends and their guests requested to cater our ice cream for their family celebrations.  

We knew then that we had a great and unique opportunity to market our ice cream bringing an amazing product to the public!