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EvaRosa Ice Cream

Ice Cream Catering
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We provide tasty ice cream w/ a unique set up  that brings a distinct flair to your event that will leave your guests in awe!


EvaRosa Ice Cream - All NATURAL and FRESH!

Nieve de Garrafa or carafe ice cream is the most traditional ice cream in Mexico. It is an old fashioned, delicate, artisanal ice cream made with a coarse consistency with less fat and air than traditional Ice Cream. This ice cream is handcrafted mostly of natural ingredients and fresh fruit without added preservatives.  Good for your taste buds and health.
EvaRosa Ice Cream is Gourmet Nieve de Garrafa - we make our ice cream from scratch! We have created our own gourmet (egg-free choices) recipe with less calories than traditional processed and preservative-filled ice creams. We  stay away from food preservatives as much as possible and use real fresh fruit and only the best ingredients. This process gives it a lighter consistency than traditional ice cream and it's still YUMMY!  
We strive to keep our ice cream NATURAL…always using the best ingredients! 

We will do our best to provide you and your guests with the Best Ice Cream Catering in greater Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, Santa Barbara, Temecula etc

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